You get a lot of calls regarding energy and are aware other options exist.

Are you getting the most out of your Energy Advisor?

Before the phone rings inquiring about the energy contract renewal, ask yourself the following:

How many times has your advisor reached out since you signed the last contract?

Do you have the same representative or have you been assigned to someone else?

Has your “fixed” contract rate remained the same or have you seen additional charges?

Are you getting the most out of your energy dollars with their service offering?

What tools do they provide that help you get a firm grasp on your utility spend?

If you’re ready for a fresh take, here are a few of the great value adds that KOBIONA clients enjoy during their engagement with us:

1. Access to Kobiona 360 Plus:
Our proprietary utility management software provides aesthetic dashboards and reporting tools that pack a punch. Sign in once and gain access to all your contract start and end dates, suppliers, terms and budgets. Connect multiple utility accounts to have everything in one place!

2. Custom built Request for Proposal:
Any broker can compile a bid for your review, but how well do they understand your business? Our team will take a deep dive to understand the current climate at your organization, your firm’s view of risk, and desire for longer-term stability. The better we can understand your specific organizational plans, hurdles, goals and idiosyncrasies, the better we can manage risk and reward on your behalf during the bid process.

3. 24/7 Market-Watch Reporting:
We begin monitoring your next contract term immediately and provide reporting tools as often as you see fit. Daily, weekly, and monthly updates.

Service Offering Common Transactional Energy Broker KOBIONA Energy Management
Custom Supplier Contracts
Quotes from Multiple Suppliers
24/7 Market Watch Monitoring
Utility Management Software with Real-Time Data
Automatic Alerts when Contract Renewals are upcoming
Budgeting and Reporting Tools with Custom Drill-Down Filters
30+ Years Combined Experience
Quarterly Performance Review
Utility Invoice Auditing
Material Improvements
Demand Response