Our History

Achieve Your Energy Goals with KOBIONA

Based in New Haven, Connecticut, KOBIONA is among the fastest-growing energy management consulting firms in North America. We support our customers through the entire energy procurement process. Services we offer include analyzing utility data, weighing various procurement structures, and selecting the ideal supplier to meet your needs. The KOBIONA team consists of analysts, advisors, and energy market innovators focused on helping organizations achieve their energy goals. Businesses can count on us to help achieve their energy procurement goals.

The KOBIONA Energy Procurement Difference

KOBIONA understands that companies have options when choosing an energy procurement alliance partner. Our team stands out in the energy procurement crowd thanks to key principles. Businesses that select KOBIONA can expect a partnership that reveals how to harness control of their energy spend to achieve sustainable growth.

We believe in sharing the facts.

Let’s face it: the energy procurement industry is rife with spin culture. Some energy management companies predicate the facts on an ability to close a deal. Not at KOBIONA. We present our customers with all available options and sometimes even advise that timing is not opportune to secure commodities.

We believe in education.

Despite our decades of experience, we consider ourselves humble students. Energy markets can change on a dime under the influence of politics, the economy, and technology. Our team members believe in educating themselves as much as educating their clients.

We believe in listening.

Many energy management problems stem from organizational issues. The more care we take to understand the challenges a business faces, the better recommendations we can offer.

We believe in transparency.

Our clients do not commit to agreements or a strategy they don’t fully understand. We make sure our clients can explain and advocate internally for whatever approach they ultimately decide to adopt.