Are you looking for additional income for yourself, business, or trade association? Would you like to offer additional services to your existing clients? Do you have a contact list full of commercial property managers, manufacturers, or restaurant owners you could leverage? KOBIONA is proud to offer the KOBIONA Alliance Program to help you offer energy services to your clients while simultaneously building a new residual revenue stream for your business.

The KOBIONA Alliance Program allows you access to our expansive supply network so you can offer the most competitive pricing, innovative energy solutions and customer focused energy-related services to your clients while generating income for yourself or your organization.

Simple On-Boarding Process

Complete the enrollment application here or click the link below:

    • Your application will be reviewed and if approved, an associate will contact you for more information and allow you an opportunity to ask questions.
    • If declined, you will be notified by email of our decision.
  1. If we both decide to move forward, you will be assigned a dedicated energy expert to familiarize you with our processes and if necessary, provide you the training you need to succeed if you are just getting started.
  2. Our world-class back office will handle all the regulatory requirements so you are not mired in detail and are free to help your customers achieve their energy management goals.