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Harness Control Over Energy Spend with KOBIONA 

Electricity supply strategies can fall anywhere on the risk spectrum. To get it right, you need the proper mix of tools, technology, and a thorough understanding of energy market dynamics. Whether you’re a small business looking for a competitive fixed electric rate, or an industrial user seeking a complex index solution, KOBIONA is here to help.

Fixed Price, Block, and Index, or Capacity Pass-Through?

Organizations must select the best buying option to harness control over their energy spend. Interpreting embedded risks and potential opportunities requires a strong understanding of current market conditions and the climate at your organization. KOBIONA learns your firm’s view of risk, desire for longer-term stability, and the ability to modify an agreement if the business sells, grows or shrinks. A thorough understanding of your specific organizational plans, hurdles, goals, and idiosyncrasies allows us to better manage risk and reward.

Proactively monitoring your future contract costs is paramount to energy management success. The most desirable rates and terms often become available during an existing term of your agreement. KOBIONA can monitor these terms and alert you when future energy prices meet target values outlined in discussions between your firm and your KOBIONA advisor.

We’re here to help turn your electricity supply strategy into a competitive advantage. Contact us today to meet with an advisor.