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Natural Gas Supply Made Easy

Purchasing Natural Gas can be a daunting task for most organizations. Natural gas supply contract options can be complex, and the market can feel like a moving target. Misinformation and poor guidance flood the natural gas supply service industry. The development of a comprehensive natural gas purchasing plan manages and reduces energy costs over time. Before entering into any supply agreement, you must evaluate all the facts at hand:

  • Five-year averages.
  • Third-party projections for NYMEX futures.
  • Current LNG exportation data and other relevant data sets.

Energy buyers often benchmark solely off their incumbent supply contract without evaluating all the data. KOBIONA performs all the due diligence and presents you with relevant facts and information. 

Uncomplicating Natural Gas Supply Agreements

Choosing a supplier to meet your natural gas supply service needs is an equally important task.  From small boutique firms to fortune 500s, each has its financial stability and record of performance.  Entering into a natural gas supply agreement is a two-way street. Contractors have committed to purchasing load requirements, and the provider must do so at the agreed-upon rate and terms. Surprise bankruptcy or restructuring of natural gas supply companies can leave your organization scrambling and highly exposed to cost increases.  KOBIONA’s sourcing process checks all the boxes for financial stability, recommending only those that meet our strict requirements.