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Taking the Guesswork out of Energy RFPs

Planning, designing, deploying, and updating energy RFPs can be labor-intensive for those involved in the process. Some purchases remain constant over time. Markets constantly evolve, making rinse and repeat near impossible for energy buying procurement processes.

In theory, the RFP process is simple. The buyer creates a document outlining the goods or services they seek. The seller provides a quotation that meets their requirements.

Driving Down Energy Spend Through Competitive RFPs

Cutting corners can drive down quoted energy spend costs during the competitive process. KOBIONA serves as the facilitator of your electric and natural gas RFPs. Our team monitors the responses and ensures an apples-to-apples comparison amongst energy RFP participants.

A few key ingredients to a successful RFP include:

Outlining bandwidth requirements (ability to increase or reduce energy consumption without penalty).

Following regulatory requirements to determine whether the RFP must include anticipated regulatory costs and how to handle them when such costs become effective.

Understanding POR vs. Dual Billing and the premium that suppliers can charge for one over the other.

Adding or removing meters- If your organization has growth plans, the RFP can include locking in future facilities as they come online.

Following Through on Energy Procurement

After completing an RFP, KOBIONA identifies qualified third-party candidates to participate in the energy procurement process. Energy suppliers vary by region, market, and utility service area. KOBIONA evaluates the financial stability of the supplier, public utility commission, and state licensing approvals to ensure compliance with energy RFP requirements.

Market volatility requires that all bids are returned on the same day, ensuring a fair comparison from respondents. A failure to receive bids on time disrupts the integrity of the energy RFP process.

KOBIONA’s facilitation of thousands of energy RFPs has timelines down to a science.

KOBIONA Offers Confident Control Over Energy RFPs

KOBIONA’s team can guide you through the entire RFP process. Your advisor gathers all relevant information regarding your organization’s current and future energy spend goals, designs and deploys the RFP, and packages the information in a clear, concise manner for you to review and advocate for internally.