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Negotiating and Reviewing Favorable Energy Contracts

Contracted energy products and services are not created equally in any competitive marketplace. It’s easy to forget this principle when procuring commodities because quantifying value is a core challenge. A competitive comparison among energy products is impossible because you can’t pick up, feel, or look at the electricity or gas you plan to purchase. The makeup of your electricity or natural gas supply price includes many components. Buyers must understand the difference between fixed and pass-through components. The minute contractual differences impair your ability to source equivalent products and rates. 

Contracted Energy Options

Contracted energy options are plentiful, making it easier than ever to procure an energy agreement that meets your needs. Contracted energy configurations vary by market. There are a few similar provisions:

  • Outlining the terms for adding or reducing meters during the contract term without incurring a penalty.
  • Agreeing to use a set quantity of energy monthly per bandwidth provisions. 
  • Deviating away from your estimated usage without incurring penalties from the supplier.
  • Determining how you would like to pay for your supply costs
  • Removing the risk premium from supplier offers.  

Rely on negotiating energy contracts expertise.

Before bidding out your contracted energy requirements, our team notifies each supplier of the specific contractual items for their pricing offers. KOBIONA’s contracted energy supplier partners must submit all contract changes to our in-house counsel every quarter. We ensure there are never any surprises for our customers.