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All Stages Electric Vehicle Charging Station Help

Companies evaluating electric vehicle charging stations for their organizations aren’t alone. According to the International Energy Agency, global roadways can expect 145 million electric vehicles by 2030. KOBIONA can guide your company through all stages, including site selection and routine service. 

Benefits of Installing Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Companies considering installing electric vehicle charging stations on-site may appreciate the many benefits.

The perks of adding EV charging stations include:

Achieving sustainability goals and objectives.

Attracting new customers or employees.

Earning revenue for every charge completed at your workplace.

Putting your company on the map as part of EV Charging Networks that display your business on electric vehicles charging stations apps. EV owners can spend time at your business while recharging their cars.

EV Expertise to Charge Up Your Business 

KOBIONA leverages its relationships with hardware and software providers to help businesses understand the differences in products and services. Our knowledgeable team pairs your company with the right set of solutions to meet your organizational needs. If your business plan includes electric vehicle charging stations, we have the expertise to lead your team through the process.